Fuel Valves

CH-148 Cyclone
The CH-148 Cyclone can conduct anti-submarine warfare (ASW), surface/subsurface surveillance and control (SSSC), and search and rescue missions.

As part of ESCO’s business strategy, VACCO’s Aircraft product line was moved to our sister company, PTI in 2019. PTI’s Product Line, facilities and people are dedicated to Aircraft products, and have a working atmosphere and culture very similar to VACCO.

PTI’s business revolves around aircraft products, and their business model, marketing and mode of execution are ideal to support this product line. If you have any questions about this transition, please contact Mark Bortonmborton@ptitechnologies.com


VACCO provides a line of fuel valves that can be used in a variety of aircraft applications. Our fuel valve offerings range from aerial refueling products to fuel system components.
The Refueling Receptacle and Boom Bypass Valve are just a couple examples of VACCO aerial refueling products.
VACCO’s fuel system components include the following:

Jettison Shutoff Valve
Recently, VACCO qualified the Jettison Shut-off Valve (a motor-operated fuel dump valve) and the OPRV for the CH-148 Cyclone, a twin-engine, multi-role shipboard helicopter.


Over Pressure Relief Valve (OPRV)