Bleed Air Valves

GE engine
The T700 Engine supports various platforms, including the Apache and Blackhawk helicopters.

As part of ESCO’s business strategy, VACCO’s Aircraft product line was moved to our sister company, PTI in 2019. PTI’s Product Line, facilities and people are dedicated to Aircraft products, and have a working atmosphere and culture very similar to VACCO.

PTI’s business revolves around aircraft products, and their business model, marketing and mode of execution are ideal to support this product line. If you have any questions about this transition, please contact Mark Borton,


VACCO offers a line of multifunction Bleed Air Valves in a small compact package. The most common configuration utilizes one inlet port and two discharge ports. The valve modulates high temperature aircraft gas turbine airflow to both ports through one flow passage.

The amount of airflow is controlled with a mechanical input to the valve cam. The cam profile can be varied to obtain the desired engine flow conditions.

Since the valve is solenoid operated, you can switch it between Anti-Icing mode to Bleed Air mode—or, shut off flow entirely based on the cam position. The latest version of this valve integrated with a dual coil solenoid for electrical redundancy.

Anti-ice/Starting Bleed Control Valve
Selected as the original OEM, the VACCO AISBV was recently upgraded and qualified to support the latest FADEC systems.