As part of ESCO’s business strategy, VACCO’s Aircraft product line was moved to our sister company, PTI in 2019. PTI’s Product Line, facilities and people are dedicated to Aircraft products, and have a working atmosphere and culture very similar to VACCO.

PTI’s business revolves around aircraft products, and their business model, marketing and mode of execution are ideal to support this product line. If you have any questions about this transition, please contact Mark Bortonmborton@ptitechnologies.com

Fluid Controls for Aircraft

VACCO is a leading supplier of innovative fuel and air valves for demanding applications and platforms, including fixed wing and rotary aircraft. Our product offering, which supports both military and civil aircrafts, includes:

With over 50 years of in-flight component experience, VACCO has a proven track record in mission critical systems for the defense and aerospace industries—from jettison shutoff valves on Sikorsky aircrafts to anti-ice start bleed valves on GE engines. Our mission success centers on Premier Customer Service—providing a proactive culture, responsive team, commitment to on-time delivery, quality components, and aftermarket spares & repairs.