Quality Clauses for Suppliers


Quality Clauses

General Quality Clauses, VI-QFD-001, Rev 18.0, Effective 06/24/2019

Supplier Counterfeit Control Requirements, VI-QFD-002, Rev -

Supplier False and Fraudulent Requirements,  VI-QFD-003 Rev 2.0

Level 1 Material Handling for Suppliers, VI-QFD-004,Rev - 

Customer Contract Requirements, VI-CFD-001, Rev -

Workmanship , VI-GWS-951, Rev B

REACH  ANNEX XVII Restriction List Tailored For VACCO Hardware-Effective 04/25/2018
This list is provided to aid in the compliance with VI-QFD-001, Clause 6.35. (QF-ENV-002)

For additional information see the two links below:
The Reach Candidate list of substances of very high concern (SVHC) for Authorization can be found at:

The Reach Annex XVII restricted list can be found at:

REACH Declaration Letter-Effective  09/27/18
The Supplier shall either provide a statement on their certification or complete the REACH Declaration letter for compliance with VI-QFD-001, Clause 6.35.
The letter contains the link for the current complete Candidate List of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC).

Supplier Instructions for Material Over-check Program, VI-INSP-102-APPENDIX-1, Rev -
Letter for material samples and frequency to be submitted to a qualified test laboratory for verification.

Approved Materials & Processes Subsitution List, VI-AMSL-1900, Revision -
Document for material subsitution by a materials or parts supplier to verify there are no conflicts with the subsitution.