Filtration Solutions for Space, Sea, and Land

VACCO Industries—with its Wintec Metal Mesh and Etched Disc Filter product line—is a leading supplier of “all metal” filtration solutions in all titanium or stainless steel for the following applications:

  • Spacecraft Propellant and Gases
  • Satellite Propellant and Gases
  • Launch Vehicle Propellant and Gases
  • Ground Support Fluids and Gases
  • Military Fluids and Gases
  • Naval Fluids and Gases
  • Industrial Hazardous Fluids and Gases


From propellant management devices on cruise missiles and satellite fuel tanks to maintaining cleanliness on satellite and launch vehicle propulsion systems, VACCO filtration technologies are integral to the mission success of many leading programs in the US and throughout the world.

Our product offering includes:

  • Etched Disc Filters
  • Metal Mesh and Screen Filters
  • Sintered Metal Fiber Filters
  • Propellant Management and Surface Tension Devices
  • Recleanable Filter Elements
  • Pleated Metal Filter Discs
  • Metal Fitting Filters
  • Inline and T-type Metal Filter Assemblies
  • Nuclear Filtration System Solutions
VACCO supplied 98% of the filters used on the NASA Space Shuttle Program and is a recognized leader throughout the space community for providing high-tech filtration solutions to the world’s most demanding applications.


In addition to maintaining cleanliness in nuclear fuel pool systems, naval boats and other ground support systems, VACCO is also on board many of the world’s science and communication satellites—enabling new discoveries in space for more than 45 years.