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Fluid Components for Space

VACCO is a leading supplier of fluid components for propulsion systems aboard various commercial and military platforms.

VACCO is also a leading supplier of fluid components for specialized science spacecraft and exploration programs. For the Mars Science Laboratory, VACCO supplied latch valves, service valves, and filters on the cruise stage, along with high flow regulators and filters on the descent stage.

With many of our qualified designs available in titanium and stainless steel, we offer the following products:


VACCO is constantly developing and advancing designs, the following are just a few of VACCO’s innovative engineered solutions:



With more than 60 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing fluid controls components for space applications, VACCO works closely with NASA and other primes to build superior valve technology. In fact, VACCO is one of the largest suppliers of cryogenic valves,isolation latch valves, service valves, pressure regulators and check valves for satellite platforms. Combined with Premier Customer Service, our engineering excellence delivers robust, reliable solutions for commercial, military and complex interplanetary space exploration missions.


VACCO Achievement

VACCO has provided components to many of NASA’s Earth & Deep Space science spacecraft, such as Juno, New Horizons, & Mars Science Laboratory. From the Mariner missions in the 1960’s to supporting current International Space Station activities. VACCO is a proud partner in the Space Industry.