Space Component Integration

JAXA ETS-VIII—loaded with two record-large antennas, each as big as a tennis court—was launched on December 18, 2006 and has been in nominal operation since May 9, 2007.

Xenon Pressure Regulation Module

Propellant Management Sub-Unit

Combining a multitude of product- and flight-qualified components with significant engineering experience and capabilities, VACCO proudly offers subsystem integration services for space components. Our subsystem integration services enable companies to reduce risks by:

VACCO’s heritage products are the building blocks for our space component integration activities and include torque motor isolation valves, fill & drain valves, pressure regulators, check valves and all-metal filters. This comprehensive product line of flight-qualified, high reliability fluid control components is put to work in chemical, electric and cold gas space propulsion applications.

By designing and building modules and assemblies, VACCO can fully integrate our heritage products, as well as customer-furnished components to deliver flight-ready assemblies used at the spacecraft level, such as:

Xenon Pressure Regulation Module
Xenon Pressure Regulation Modules are used to deliver precise low pressure regulation to flow control components.