Curiosity Rover is capable of generating electricity for up to 14 years with its built-in nuclear power plant.

VACCO produces an assortment of high-precision pressure regulators for a variety of different platforms. VACCO’s regulators vary from single stage to series redundant designs, as well as hard seat versus soft seat designs. All of VACCO’s regulators offer the same great quality manufacturing and technical experience.

The various regulators are capable of meeting a variety of different applications from high flow regulators (up to 1.0 lbm/sec) down to very small flow regulators, and can be used on a number of different flow media, including:

VACCO integrated its proprietary etched disc filter design into many of the regulator designs. This upgraded inlet filter allows for a greater reliability and enhanced cleanliness to the system. For some applications, this etched filter is capable of meeting all the requirements for a system filter, eliminating the need for one more discrete component and the need for an additional system level weld.

VACCO’s various regulator designs stem from a line of regulators with a long heritage of successful flight missions without failure. Some designs were used in human space flight missions, such as the NASA Space Shuttle, and the newly designed Space Launch System (SLS) launch vehicle.

Recently, VACCO was chosen to provide the high flow regulator to meet the stringent requirements of NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory mission for the decent stage (Skycrane maneuver).

Space Regulator

VACCO Universal Satellite Pressure Regulator (VUSPR)
VUSPR is an updated design that combines elements of the NASA Integrated Apogee Boost Subsystem (IABS) program and Shuttle RCS regulator with design improvements, proprietary to VACCO. The VUSPR has been fully qualified for the international Alphabus, Spacebus, and Eurostar platforms, as well as the domestic A2100, GPS III, and GOES programs.