Quiet Valves and Manifolds

VACCO's quiet air reduction valves control the air pressure used in torpedo tubes during exercises underneath ice in the Arctic ocean.

VACCO is a leading manufacturer of critical-quiet valves and manifolds used aboard the U.S. Naval submarine fleet. In addition, VACCO manufactures non-quiet valves used on many U.S. Naval operational carriers.

To assure a lifetime of no corrosion, which is especially important for valves and manifolds in and near sea water, VACCO is highly selective of the materials used in the design, build and manufacture processes.

VACCO has hundreds of air and nitrogen management manifold designs that include filtration, regulation and relief functions. Quiet air reducing manifolds (QARM) come in both single and dual designs. For critical applications, the dual designs enable one regulator to continue operating if another needs to be taken offline for repairs.

Quiet Air Reducing Manifold (QARM)