Fill and Drain Valves

Spacebus 4000
The Spacebus 4000 can support satellites weighing up to six metric tons and delivering 16 kW of power with 120 onboard transponders.

High Pressure Fill & Drain Valves

Low Pressure Fill & Drain Valves

VACCO designs, develops and maintains a full line of fill & drain valves, also known as service valves, to satisfy the needs of the space and missile industries. From high pressure to low pressure, standard to miniature to micro, and gas to propellant, VACCO fill & drain valves are manually operated, incorporating the VACCO-pioneered anti-rotation, rising stem feature.

VACCO fill & drain valves achieve extremely tight leakage, while offering two or three seals to provide redundant inhibits against external leakage.

¼” High Pressure Gas Fill & Drain Valve

Propulsion systems, like Alcatel Spacebus Unified Propulsion System (UPS) and Plasmic Propulsion Subsystem (PPS), use VACCO’s ¼” High Pressure Gas Fill & Drain Valve for filling and draining helium and Xenon gases before launch and during ground testing.