Thruster Valves

NASA Man Maneuvering Unit (MMU)
Four of VACCO's extremely robust, man-rated triad assemblies were used in each Space Shuttle MMU.

Cold Gas Thruster Valves

Liquid Propellant Thruster Valves

VACCO designs and manufactures thruster valves for a variety of systems supporting:

All of VACCO’s thruster valves, which include monopropellant valves, bipropellant valves, and cold gas propulsion systems, meet the space industry’s demand for high cycle life, tight leakage and quick response. One primary feature of VACCO valves is the low-friction, suspended armature design, as demonstrated on various flight programs.

2 LBF Cold Gas Triad Thruster

The VACCO Cold Gas Triad Thruster is an assembly of three identical 2-lbf thrusters mounted to a common manifold block along X, Y and Z axises.