Metal Mesh Technology

Lockheed Martin A2100 Commercial Satellite
Designed for telecommunications in geosynchronous orbit, Lockhead Martin’s A2100 communications satellite is one of the most powerful flight-proven commercial spacecraft currently available and has a design life of 15 years.

VACCO Industries produces flight qualified, high performance Wintec brand metal mesh filters, which have been providing absolute filtration for critical fluid applications since 1964. Constructed from porous metallic media—primarily stainless steel and titanium micronic woven cloth—these filters include our patented “edge encapsulation process” to ensure precision cleanliness.

With primary applications including cryogenic, propellant liquids and pressurant gases, VACCO Wintec filters are commonly specified for the following applications:

Nearly every metal mesh filter is uniquely engineered to meet specific customer requirements. Listed below are more examples of how VACCO’s metal mesh filters are put to use:

Metal Mesh Pressurant Filter

VACCO’s Wintec metal mesh filter assembly is installed in the Propulsion Pressurant System of the Lockheed Martin A2100 commercial satellite to remove micron sized particulate from the pressurant gas.